I misread the title on this, reading it as Le Jardin de Himen, thinking it was a garden plan in ceramics. It made me think of Cary Vanstone, a fabulous gardener (exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019) who’s own back yard is wonderfully planned, both spatially and temporally.

Made in Rouen around 1725-1735, it is a large tray made of fine tin-glazed earthenware (conventionally referred to as ‘faïence’ in English).

In fact, it is a game – Nouveau Jeu de L’Himen or the Game of Marriage. Himen is the ancient Greek god of marriage.

Reading the label (not something I always do), I discovered that ceramic plates were very popular in France in the 18th century as Louis XV had melted down all the silver to pay for various wars.

Selling the family jewels, sprang to mind.