I firmly believe that we are all innately and naturally creative beings.

Sir Ken Robinson’s widely viewed Ted talk spoke of how young children create without judgement and it is slowly educated out of them as they go through school.

Whilst the World Economic Forum puts Creativity high up in its list of Future Work Skills, I fear that the majority of us are stymied by ideas of judgement and the fear, as Keith Johnstone recognized, of being seen
as Mad, Bad or Wrong.

C-type print. Sian Bonnell, Beach Clean. Copyright V&A Museum

Putting different things (thoughts, ideas, objects, people) together is a creative act.

From a distance it was hard to discern what Sian Bonnell’s photograph was of – an LGBT banner, stick people against the horizon?  It is a delightful image bringing colourful objects out from under the stairs into daylight and placing them in a different context.